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Stephen Harper's Senate appointments: Where are they now?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper once promised to never appoint a senator.

He ended up appointing 59.

Since Harper first formed government in February 2006, only three of the senators he has named were elected; all others were straight-up, run-of-the-mill appointments. 282 more words


Long-awaited Senate spending report out today

WATCH ABOVE: AG says oversight, transparency of Senate expenses were ‘not adequate’

OTTAWA – After almost two years of work, auditor general Michael Ferguson’s long-awaited audit of Senate spending is about to be released to the public. 727 more words


A fair process now important even if Senate got it wrong for Duffy et al: Cowan

WATCH: Senator Cowan says he won’t leave Senate leadership role while challenging audit

OTTAWA — Stepping aside from his leadership role in the Senate while fighting the results of the auditor general’s audit would be an admission of guilt, and that’s why Senator James Cowan is staying put, he said Sunday. 742 more words


Colin Kenny an influential, controversial Senate figure

Sen. Colin Kenny, the third-longest serving member of the upper house, has a decidedly split image on Parliament Hill.

The dapper 71-year-old Senate Liberal is considered one of the hardest-working members of the red chamber, especially on national security and defence, on which he is one of the country’s leading experts. 739 more words


Suspended senators were victims of double standard, their lawyers argue

Lawyers for the senators suspended from the upper chamber two years ago are accusing the Senate’s leadership of a conflict of interest and double standard for providing senators named in an explosive new audit with “due process” that, they say, wasn’t offered to Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau. 527 more words


Boisvenu quits Tories as expense scandal engulfs Senate once more

By Jordan Press and Kristy Kirkup


The long-simmering Senate expense scandal came to a rolling boil Thursday as revelations in a hard-hitting spending audit sent three of the upper chamber’s most prominent members spinning into damage control and another Conservative running from the Conservative government caucus. 999 more words


Conservative senator resigns in wake of AG report

WATCH: Global News has learned many of the details ahead of the auditor general’s release, including the names of some of the worst spenders and how the RCMP is getting involved. 875 more words