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Market In The Mountains

Later that day Angelo prepares himself to visit a Market cut into the Mountains of Cairns, Australia an enchanted place full of stalls selling Charms, Exotic Fruits, Art and performing Entertainers. 280 more words


"Faaaaavourite Thiiiiings"

I hope you read that in Oprah’s voice.

How is your February going? Mine is going insanely fast and I suffered a long round of writer’s block. 177 more words

The First Dream

Angelo hears chanting ‘Oaaohhaaooah’ echoes repeatedly, a Deer appears proud with huge Antlers and a second appears Feminine in form, a Frog then another, Twins appear one Male another Female ‘Oaaaohaaoah’ echoes all around him. 57 more words

Mountain Market


Perhaps palm readings are not meant to be shared. Perhaps they are a private business, intended only for the ears and benefit of the one whose palm is being read. 1,535 more words


The Grave Misfortune of Kid Adams, the Ouray Highwayman

One of the old stage routes in Ouray region was the run between the Camp Bird Mine and Ouray. Sometimes called the Sneffels stage, it operated every day except Sunday. 2,438 more words


Positive Beliefs

Since you left I have been turning to anything that will tell me there is still some hope. Absolutely anything. I tried reading my palms – & sure enough, on my right hand, there is a break in my marriage line which indicates separation; but I am holding on to it meaning a separation due to psychological issues & not a divorce. 757 more words

The Fortune Teller Cards

I am the Gypsy Queen


I read palms

for alms.

I can tell by

the whites in

your eyes,


you’re in for

a big surprise – 170 more words