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An Inside Look

When traveling I love being introduced to something totally unexpected, and that’s what always happens when we spend time with Dario.  We first met Dario Castagno… 521 more words


Il Palio di Siena

It’s early morning, and Berio, stripped naked, stands before a priest in one of Siena’s solemn medieval churches. Despite the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd that surrounds him, admiring his handsome face and sizing-up his strong legs, this local celebrity remains stoic. 837 more words

Horse Race

Extraction for the July, 2015 Palio

For those interested in which contrade will run in the July 2, 2015 Palio, here is the basic information for the extraction (l’estrazione). Thanks to an acquaintance of ours in Siena, and… 222 more words

July 2015 Palio

Horse in a Church

Siena in Tuscany is the home of a rather unusual event, the Palio di Siena.

It’s a horse race that is held twice a year and it captures the imagination of the locals right throughout the year. 366 more words


Neophyte Review: 16oz Americano at Palio, 1996 SE Ladd Ave

Nestled in the confusion known as Ladd’s Addition sits Palio, a l’il coffeeshop that serves the most yupster of hipsters within the southeast section of Our Fair City. 470 more words


Beaches, Brats, and Getting Older

It’s been a few weeks between posts. Sorry about that. Im still trying to get into the swing of writing my thoughts down every once in a while. 721 more words


Siena, Italy

I’m not really sure where to start when it comes to Siena. I remember that when we arrived there, we had a very short tour of the beginning of the city. 803 more words