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Spicy Queso Cheese Dip topped with Fermenté Hot Sauce

This dip + fermenté hot sauce make an unbelievably delicious combo! It’s so good that you’ll forget that there isn’t even any dairy in this recipe! 54 more words

Gluten Free

"Why I Do It" Wednesday

Wow, I’m really on a roll!  4 days of blogging in a row!   I won’t celebrate too much.  Once I return to work, it will get a bit harder, but I’m hoping that by developing the habit now, I can stick with it later. 397 more words

It's on sucka!

I’ve mentioned before that I have a Fitbit. I’ve just started actively using it lately which means I have like, friends on there. This in turn means that I’m participating in challenges. 180 more words

Episode 005 of Real Food Mamas Podcast: the postpartum period (part 2: the first 6 months)

What are the first few months postpartum REALLY like? Steph and Aglaée get vulnerable and discuss their personal struggles, crazy thoughts, rollercoaster ride of emotions, and strategies for surviving the newborn phase and first few months. 303 more words


Brownie cake

Remember your box of 64 Crayola crayons with the sharpener on the back? Green yellow looked like green but colored like yellow, and red orange looked like red but colored like orange. 155 more words


Banana Bread French Toast

Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. Banana Bread French Toast. You might be thinking, how did I come up with the idea? My inspiration came from a Girls Weekend to Palms Springs with my mom and cousin. 304 more words


"Tigers Blood"- It finally happened

It’s finally happened, and by “it” I mean feeling energized and motivated to exercise while on the Whole 30 Diet. I’m definitely a bit behind, for those of you who didn’t read my last post, I was supposed to start feeling energized at day 12, and today is day 21, but this morning I woke up at 4:20 AM and was so awake I decided to go to the gym and get my 5 mile run in as well as an ab workout. 374 more words