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My mother

She was different now,
Her walk had more noise,
She didn’t float about the place.
She was quiet a lot,
Her eyes weren’t bright anymore, 166 more words


Central City Maiden Voyage

A cedar aged extra pale ale.  They had this next to a similarly named beer which I’ll also be reviewing at some point at the local government place. 176 more words

REVIEW: Modha Ales - True Maharaja

Beer and a curry. A classic British combo nowadays, arguably more so than fish ‘n chips or a nice cuppa tea and a sit down. As a nation we’ve embraced spice, so much so that we’re never too far from a good curry house, but however good the food is the beer is, nine times out of ten, not quite up to muster; heavily chilled, bland, mass produced, over-priced lager that only seems to take the heat from your mouth because it’s so cold it just numbs your senses (and therefore diminishes any flavour you were getting from your food). 739 more words


Foundation Thoughts... Rimmel Match Perfection, or Wake Me Up?

Oh boy, it feels good to do a ‘proper’ post. I feel like I’ve been so run down and ill the past week or so, I really just didn’t have the drive to even turn on my laptop, never mind taking and editing photos. 600 more words

Products I <3

South Austin Brewery - Texas Pale Ale - Austin, TX

One thing that really grinds my gears is the use of craft beer as a get rich quick scheme. Mainly because you trick people into thinking that the way you make beer is the way that all craft beer is made and that your pretentious attitude is the norm for everyone in the business; although, there’s an upside to this. 718 more words