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Day 22: Touring Vienna (Part 2), Hofburg Palace, and Cafés

My only full day in Vienna started off with a great tour of the inner first district by an engaging and knowledgeable local guide. She led us past monuments (such as a WWII memorial that brushed off Austria’s role in the war as a mere victim of Germany), statues (such as the Pestsaule statue — the Vienna Plague statue), landmarks of varying notability (including lesser known ones such as the Anker clock), and told stories about every aspect of the city, historical and modern, explaining even the graffiti. 1,077 more words


lazy and confused: vienna

The train ride to Vienna was as per usual. And we got to the hostel only to find we had 3 flights of stairs to climb to get to our room. 527 more words


Sightseeing in Russia: Part one

While not a hotspot for tourists and often doesn’t make ones list of countries to visit in Europe, Russia is rife with architecture so beautiful and intimidating that it needs to be seen to be believed. 734 more words


The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

My parents and I joined a tour for our trip to Thailand. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time in Bangkok. I would really like to return to Bangkok one day and just explore the city without the tour next time. 201 more words


Wild Great Wall by 500pxbluesky

Wild Great Wall,As a dead dragon, full of injuries, covered with weeds and broken bricks…It is the Wild Great Wall.

As Seen on 500px – May 24, 2015 at 04:44PM


Visiting a friend in Germany (day 1) - I love symmetry

I wanted to make at least one trip last summer, so I decided to visit two European friends I met in Japan. One lives in Germany, the other in England. 469 more words