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Pure Pak-Afghan Relations: The Need of the Day  

Aasef Chauhdry

The scenario of post-general elections of 2014 is witnessing a widely accepted and internationally recognized government that has been established in Afghanistan. Although the existing ethnic groups of Afghanistan are now the real stakeholders in the governance of country including taking the responsibility for early repatriation and rehabilitation of all those ARs who are still languishing in Pakistan, however, the Afghan refugees’ issue is still a point of great concern for everyone and especially for Pakistan who is sustaining an unbearable burden since last more or less 35 years. 1,074 more words


Green-eyed 'Afghan girl' investigated for 'fraudulently acquiring Pakistani ID card'

The ‘Afghan Girl’ made famous by a 1985 National Geographic magazine cover is now being suspected by Pakistani authorities for falsifying personal details to get a Pakistan ID card. 436 more words


Why monster ?

We always have this question in our mind. Why do artists draw monsters?

What is the purpose of creating peace sign with the mask?

The answer is fear ! 112 more words


Royal Fort ..

Sleeping Chambers are one of the many notable buildings in the Shahi Qilla or Lahore fort built by the mighty Mughal emperors at the capstone of their rule.



Cricket stages diplomacy: A study of three ventures

“In the South Asia territory that was once the British Imperial Raj, cricket is more than a game. From the rugged tribal reaches of Baluchistan in western Pakistan to the mangrove forests of Bengal, it is practically a religion, a sport that dominates every open space from the Iran border to Burma, the Hindu Kush Mountains to the Andaman Islands.

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'Jihadi John' gets a name

Now we’re getting somewhere in the hunt for the guy seen in all those ISIL videos.

“Jihadi John” has been identified. The individual wearing all black reportedly is Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Briton who is known to come from a prosperous family; he earned a degree in computer programming. 182 more words

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Moosa, "What Is a Madrasa?"

In April, the University of North Carolina Press will release “What Is a Madrasa?” by Ebrahim Moosa (University of Notre Dame). The publisher’s description follows: 212 more words

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