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Fresh Finds Friday - Parima Studio

TGIF! I probably start every FFF blog with that? I can’t remember, if I do, I’m not sorry. I’ve taken the day off from work and am chilling like a villain relaxing in my newly painted sunroom inhaling the intoxicating aroma of fresh cut grass mixed with Saskatchewan forest fires. 353 more words


Rocket Girl~

“Rocket Girl” by me. Acrylic on board, Molotow spray paint and glitter. Pink hair just perfect for s trip to the moon and beyond >.<


Adam and Eve

The Bible’s first couple is a theme I have painted many times, original sin and all that. Featured here are two such paintings that are painted very differently, but both depict the same scene. 165 more words


Dancing Dune Grass, oil pastel

A long weekend coming up?  Do you need a place to go?  How about being transported to the beach .  .  .

Dancing Dune Grass, an oil pastel (5×7) was meant to do just that.  93 more words

OPs New Paintings

What's Your Constellation of Images? How to Find Your Voice

Last time, I reflected on how writing from your past can help you develop your voice, since you’re the only one who has experienced your past. 760 more words

Artistic Exploration

Progress on a Cloudy Start (5)

I really had been at a loss as to what to do with the painting. I had some suggestions, like adding little flowers in the foreground (Thanks, Patricia!). 234 more words


Leisure Island Adventures

tThe house, suffused in the rich smell of oxtail in its three day stock that has everyone passing the house salivating. Craig and I, the lucky ones to enjoy Terry’s stunning dinner. 312 more words