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Turns out

I am struggling to find a balance that will afford me good health – or at least the best health I can have.  There is no doubt in my mind that chemo-therapy was worth every penny of pain it produced or will produce in the future.   540 more words


The Pitcher

I throw you hurricanes.
I throw you dishes.
I throw you chains.
I throw you wishes.
I throw you pains.
I throw you tears.
I throw you hard rains. 28 more words



Written by Chris Sam

With an un-clench fist I stands helpless 
Fear and confusion rendering me powerless.
Like the lightening, it strikes my heart endless.  136 more words

Growing Pains: What China and America Can Learn From Each Other About Implementing Common Core

Common Core can be a way to raise the standard of education authentically. What's needed for both the U.S. and China to succeed is a focus on inquiry-based methods, not over-testing.

My Lost Identity

IT s been long time that I didnt write in here! Sorry! The life kept us over busy! Not only with home and the “project” we are in but with a new culture, new lnguage, new problems, new people etc… 505 more words

Real Life!

Apple cider vinegar -- an old fashioned cure

Apple Cider Vinegar was one of the first remedies that I learned about almost twenty years ago. Its history goes right back to 400BC, that’s quite a while! 318 more words

Imprisoned By Guilt by Jeffrey Carter

I can’t seem to find the words
to say just how I feel
The pain is ever growing
since they put you on that hill… 119 more words