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36 WEEKS and upset

I went to talk about inducing me today which I thought would be no problem seeing as my little girl is almost 9 pounds and my Dr has been telling me we would have to induce my labor sooner because of how little I am and how big she is , but I came out disappointed he said no he said he couldn’t until I was at least 39 weeks which seems so little ,but I can barely walk I can’t bend over anymore on top of that I keep having horrible strong contraction which go on for hours but never seem to end up starting my labor. 8 more words



The periodic/ cyclic nature of menstruation  has been undoubtedly, associated with pain in most women. Apart from the usual mild to moderate cramps that come with menstruation, for them, it is all about pain, from the onset of menstruation to the end and even in between periods. 641 more words


Harsh Reality.

Last night when they were getting high you were invited
You didn’t like it, but they said it was fun, now you are high school, so you thought it was kul and it won’t kill, its just a night after all. 124 more words



At night you steal the stars and my dreams. You remind me that I am a prisoner in this solar system, and that gravity is yet another wall to keep me at bay. 313 more words

What a nice awful terribly beautiful horrible awesome day...

Ever have that moment?

You wake up. Your feet hit the floor, or in my case pick myself up off of my daughters floor cause she is up. 345 more words


The Beneficial Impact of Healthy Exercise

Global research has consistently developed a body of knowledge concerning the beneficial impact on health for those engaged in regular daily exercise. In some countries, the slang term for this activity is called “working out.” It is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages from youngsters to older people as old as 93 years old. 322 more words

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Working in an orthopedic hospital has provided an insight on the complex nature of arthritis, and the ability to distinguish between the forms of the disease. 595 more words