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9 Months... Now What?

On Sunday, this not so little baby bump will be 9 months old. Before y’all panic and wonder why I’m not sprinting shuffling towards the closest hospital, remember that one is actually pregnant for a whopping TEN months so I still have a good few weeks to go. 992 more words


How is Home?

Tattered days have gone
When our lives were fired
Into the blood-sucking valleys,
Like the last missiles in the
Machines of lifeless service to motherland… 174 more words

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She hates. She loves.
She loves to hate.
Her heart. His hurt.
She hurts his heart.

She spends. He works.
He works her spends.
She drives. 197 more words



It’s sometimes a scent, a certain place or a song that triggers me. It makes me feel so nostalgic. I love the feeling ‘cuz it makes me feel as if you’re with me right at that moment, somehow I just can pretend you were there without knowing consciously that its pretend. 212 more words

Personal Diary

Growing Pains

Those whom God has called to suffer
Know the agony of pain,
Yet when they yield it all to him,
They will find it in great gain.

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Who's getting old?

It’s not something that you run up against everyday, but I small truism that comes to everybody at some point in time. In a nutshell: getting old sucks! 290 more words

Random Thoughts

MIssing A Person Sucks

Weekends and holidays are what I hate now since it simply means I will be having a hard time—missing you this way sucks. Temptation entices me to press your number just for me to hear your voice which always sends tingles all throughout my body but deep awe hinders it—a fear you might find me annoying and you’ll suddenly stop talking to me. 240 more words