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Unrolling your neck, over a towel

In our modern lives hunched over computers and screens of varying sizes, at Quay Health we are noticing an increase in neck pain and loss of the natural curve of the neck.   262 more words

Quay Health

On Being in Pain

I have been in a lot of pain recently (I’m fine; this is not a bid for sympathy) and it has changed how I see writing characters in pain.  907 more words

Writing Fiction

Sentences Made of Glass

Darkness comes, Darkness goes.

Time passes; so do people and dogs and storms.

I made it! I am myself, I am true, I am free… 92 more words

Dark Thoughts

The Embrace

He held her close to his chest and stroked her hair gently, running his hands down the length of her braids and back, in slow regular rhythm. 382 more words


The lollipop tree

I took my daughter to see her pediatrician today for an eye problem. She was playing in the woods last night and wiped her face with dirty hands and got dirt in her eye. 67 more words

Never There

Looking for a love that was never there.
Kicking and punching,
wounding the air.
Hating yourself,
pulling your hair.

You made an attempt.
You lost your sanity.
You weren’t exempt.

Mental Health

Scars - Boyce Avenue

The scars that held her back hid on the inside. Her reluctance to let others know her pain meant that her hand was quivering as she held the blade, poised above the milky skin. 582 more words