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Are you playing with matches? Want to?

You’ve got a friend – let’s share

Every June, Chi-Chi and Rick plan an elaborate gathering in a San Francisco art studio where every single person (in their 50-60’s) must bring another single friend and introduce them to other  like-minded single, open, curious, partygoers. 104 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

Union Square: Three Perfect Places to Break up

Good Places to break up in San Francisco: Union Square

Let’s say you’ve been seeing one another for a month or two – maybe three. It’s been fun – and, yet those quirky, little idiosyncrasies keep raising their ugly little heads: they talk too much; he licks his fingers after every meal; she can’t put her iPhone down, ever; they are so cute, so rich and also the worst driver in the world and you have been in three fender benders together and your neck hurts – not from necking; they drink/smoke/whine too much. 513 more words

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Kiss me, I'm Irish

March 17th – the day everyone wants to be Irish St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were held as early as 1737 in Boston.

The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York was March 17, 1763. 211 more words

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50 Shades of Green on St Patrick's Day?

St Patrick’s Day – Growing up Green

A world of shamrocks, shillelaghs, Guinness and Blarney In second grade, at the St. Patrick’s Day Talent Show, Philip Kirk recited a poem he wrote weaving in the surnames of everyone in our class. 322 more words

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Check out: Poetry as a chick magnet

April is actually the coolest, not the cruelest, month-

Get ready for National Poetry Month

The hot topic in the very, very, long line at… 699 more words

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What is she thinking after the first date?

It All Started with Eve…
Adam didn’t have a chance

FACT: The difference between the sexes is titanic. This is especially apparent in the early stages of dating. 377 more words

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Don't need no stinkin' pen pals on Match.com

The next email comes from Violette- an avid dater and a party girl; she loves to dance and flirt and play.           (She admits to being 39- … 244 more words
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