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Dating in 2015: a Match.com dream or nightmare?

So I walked into the cocktail party at the DeYoung Museum

A man comes up to me and says, “ I’m 6’ tall, 185 pounds, spiritual not religious, income: I’ll tell you later. 339 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

Eharmony outsources Profile Analysis - gives Fortune Cookie quips

Sherry signed up with Eharmony, again. She had tried the dating service five years earlier – gave up with the slow as molasses protocol and the number of farmers and motorcyclists she was introduced to each day. 442 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

Help! I forgot how to flirt with a woman

How can I tell she is flirting with me?

Dear Page Larkin,

I used to be a really good flirt – a long time ago. I’ve lost all my “moves.” I haven’t been on a date in 25 years. 214 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

Be fearless on Valentine's Day - say, Cupid made me do it!

 Valentine’s Day and being Suddenly Single

Are you Fresh out-of-the-box and Right off the shelf?  A member of the Long-time-No-Date Club and confused about Valentine’s Day? 349 more words
Page Larkin Date Guide

New member of the "Not Married Now" Club?

Every day there are tons of new members in the Not Married Now Club.

We walk out of the courtroom glazed, delighted, defeated, feeling numb or ecstatic and newly appointed: divorced. 541 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

A ribald note From Auntie Mame of Marin: dating advice

(Auntie Mame of Marin is a funny, out-spoken-yet gracious old gal of 75. She paints, does yoga, explores the hills and trails of Mt Tam with a bunch of old friends – every Wednesday. 685 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

Finding a date for life and changing the world – at the same time!

My Top 10 Romance Tips sound just like Robert Reich’s latest missive on getting involved

Robert Reich, one of the smarter, coolest, sexiest men in California, offers cogent and cool insights on how to make a difference and make a friend, get involved and connect with kindred spirits. 183 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide