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The Spellery: New Pagan Magazine!

I’m VERY PROUD to be featured in the first edition of this NEW PAGAN MAGAZINE:

The Spellery

Available in Digital or Print

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Books to Avoid

When browsing in a bookshop there are certain titles that I automatically avoid. The first is “Celtic Shamanism”. The Celts (and let’s not go into what races were and were not Celts) had druids, which is a perfectly good system and I see no need to tack Shamanism on just because it’s foreign so must be the next sexy thing. 78 more words

Quercus Robur

[Monday] Updates & Links

Happy Monday. Sorry for not getting last Wednesday’s post on initiatory orders up. That was for a variety of reasons. One – work means I didn’t have much time to write it! 730 more words


Divine Feminine: Alice Down the Rabbit Hole of Depression and Anxiety!

Have you seen that commercial?  Depression hurts. BOL! I mean, duh, yeah depression hurts! It is like being shoved down a dank, smelly, hole of despair and no matter how you claw at the walls YOU CAN’T PULL YOURSELF OUT! 1,564 more words


Do our leaders still not worship the old pagan Gods?

This short essay is an attempt to answer a conundrum that puzzles me. All the members of our government would claim if pushed to an extreme to be Christians. 1,612 more words


Magic Considerations

So, I’ve been thinking extensively about magic recently. I’ve always been interested in magic and witchcraft, but so far I haven’t really found a system that works for me. 1,255 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

On Tragedy: Abrahamic, Ancient Greek and Modern Horizons

The term “tragedy” and “tragic” are bandied about in many contexts, but what exactly is it about a situation that makes it tragic? I want to suggest that the everyday use of the word tragic within developed European and North American societies is deeply out of step with the Shakespearean understanding of tragedy and more in line with the way that tragedy is understood in Ancient Greek drama.  1,105 more words