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Why Is Brigit So Hungry?

By Christopher Scott Thompson

The Scottish folktale “Great Brid of the Horses” survives only in a version collected from Cape Breton Gaelic storyteller Joe Neil MacNeil and published in… 1,692 more words


[Tuesday] Idea of the Week

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s Memorial Day yesterday went well.

Over the weekend, we had two Otherfaith Hangouts. Our Saturday one occurs weekly, and our Sunday Hangout was just started this past weekend. 1,227 more words


Breaking the Narrative

One of the best and worst things about being a creator is having the privilege of seeing how your creations grow after their birth. When I take the time to craft a post, I never know exactly how my new “child” will grow after I hit the publish button. 2,350 more words


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This is an interesting and important blog post, IMO.

Debt, Stories, & The Violence Of Silence

by James Lindenschmidt

Lately, I’ve been reading Debt: The First 5000 Years by anthropologist David Graeber. I recommend the book wholeheartedly for anyone who wishes to understand the theory, history, psychology, and ethics of debt. 1,919 more words


Direction: Having versus Taking

Two weeks ago, I graduated with a Master’s degree and officially entered the job market.  I’m in this weird suspended state of being. Until I have a job (which in my field takes a few months to get), I can’t really move forward with my career and housing plans.  891 more words


Music Monday: May roundup

No surprises here. It’s the time of year I always get the itch to bring out my happy stompy pagan folk stuff and listen to it loud, whether I can get out in the garden or not! 24 more words



VolkRúna is a Pagan inspired clothing and accessories line fronted by Juliana Mayernyik. The VolkRúna Etsy store is well stocked with ridiculously wearable t-shirts. Normally, I wouldn’t dream of wearing a t-shirt decorated with a quote from a popular TV show, but their offerings inspired by Vikings are pretty much perfection.

– Katie