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~ Esther Mitchell, 2015~

Silent, she sits,
Her body is a drum held quivering,
A beat hangs ready to pound from her mouth,
A booming clap, like thunder off the canyon. 145 more words


Time For Change

Lot’s of times I get grilled by deviants (homosexuals) about why I’m down on them and their horrific vice.  “What harm are WE doing to you heterosexuals?”, they whine!  682 more words

Search terms: "pagan eschatology"

Wow, what a question! What would a pagan eschatology look like? For one thing, of course, if you ask three Pagans you’ll get five answers, a standard situation in religious communities with questions of this type. 350 more words

Trees and crossroads

So. I seem to be re-engaging with Heathenry.

It’s good in that I shut that door some years ago and have only flirted with re-opening it prior to now. 221 more words


Northern Myths

A reading of stories from the Northern mythologies of ancient Europe.


Present-Day Paganism

Just a quick note, for anyone who might be interested, I just posted a page describing what I call Present-Day Paganism … essentially, a very brief description of my religious beliefs.


You Say You're a Christian; But, You're Really Not

So many (all?) of Christian’s worshiping comes directly from Paganism. But, if you look at any so-called Christian holiday, you find all kinds of sick rituals. 572 more words