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Loving your Partner through the Power of the Goddess

Depending on your belief system in the grand scheme of paganism, you may or may not believe in at least one feminine deity. You may be a Dianic worshipper, you may believe in The Lord and Lady, you may have a vast pantheon of goddesses – whatever your personal pagan beliefs, this particular post is about using divine feminine energy to be an optimal wife. 740 more words


New Books!

As many of you know, our library is currently rather small. But oh, how it’s growing! As new titles come into our possession we’ll be adding them to our… 240 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Week 2 - First Oath

Technically this the third week since I began, but as I said, I am not necessarily following along week/by week. Also, since the third week is supposed to fall on or around a High Day, it doesn’t make sense to rush right now since the next High Day isn’t until August. 798 more words


The first page of a journal is the hardest one to fill.

Today, I thought, “What if I started a blog to write about my spiritual life…?” So that’s what I’m doing.

I have all kinds of qualms about the blog as a form for writing these days, but it seems to be the only organic form of writing that’s accessible to me right now. 315 more words

Month of Written Devotion, Day 5: Forgiveness

He is a challenger, said a devotee.

Can’t say I wasn’t warned. Caution: raw emotional shit ahead.

I knew what I had to hide. I knew You already knew my ugliest secrets. 599 more words

Contemporary Polytheism

Month of Written Devotion, Day 5: Forgiveness

I didn’t understand. I didn’t. I was set in too stiffly in my way, and the ways of others, and I didn’t know what I was doing. 578 more words


Critical Thinking

A good friend of mine has become Pagan. In another religion, this would be met with rejoicing, but Paganism is less bothered with converts and followers. 66 more words

Quercus Robur