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Reflection on a misunderstood sexuality

Back from our family vacation, this post is about some time I spent reflecting on how far the gay community has come from outlaw and persecution to a healthy and respected part of society. 829 more words


Adam Hills Rant About UK Government Cuts - The Last Leg

Typical Poms, so reserved, while their Children are suffering Crimes and Depravity by the Paedophiles in the Palace of Westminster. It takes an Ozzie to Lead Us. 9 more words

The Reality

Lord Janner and the paedophile ring at his son's elite school

  • The ring, led by politics teacher Michael Densham, was sensationally exposed in 2004 by the writer and entrepreneur Jonathan Self, who had attended the school with his brother, Will, the novelist.
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World News

750,000 British sexually attracted to girls as young as four have an interest in online child porn

Almost one in every 35 men could pose a sexual risk to children, new figures suggest.

The National Crime Agency’s deputy director Phil Gormley told the Mail on Sunday that of those, as many as 250,000 men were “true paedophiles” – attracted to pre-pubescent girls under 12. 219 more words

What drives people to fear giving others a stake in society?

In September 2014, the people of Scotland held an important vote on whether Scotland should become independent from the United Kingdom. Since this vote would determine the future of the country it was decided despite opposition that as many people as possible should have a vote and so the voting age was lowered from 18 to 16. 1,233 more words


Society and professions

In this blog post I want to discuss the worrying trend of sexuality being used to dehumanise whole sections of society, effectively forcing people out of society not because of anything they’ve done but purely because of how they were born, developed and their personal beliefs. 753 more words