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Reborn in India - Of dabbas and rag pickers

Do the clichés about developing countries hold true?

Several months went by rather silently – a geographical repositioning having taken some time and energy – but afteryouthrowitaway is back! 366 more words


Benefits of Stretch Film

Stretch film has never been as important as it is today. It has its application in a variety of daily life things, and is still growing rapidly with each passing day. 300 more words


Pizza Hut: The Video Projector Pizza Box

Now this is cool. A Video Projector Pizza Box! With a slightly new shape and size, the box transforms from holding your delicious pizza, by removing the middle rester (the thing that stops the pizza hitting the top of the box) which now holds a makeshift projector lense, that plugs into the front of the box, meanwhile you consume all the pizza, and insert your phone (and Pizza Hut gives you acccess to free movies), close the lid and play!

Source: Pizza Box Packaging



Packaging for fresh spices is made from eco degradable paper and eco tape which shows us that product is natural and obtained on local farms. The paper has holes where we can tear it, so we can wrap around the spice and hook onto and stick it with the tape on which is handwritten the name of the spice. 40 more words



Napkin Hexaflexa is a product of Tjaša Tauses. Hexaflexa is a hexagon and it can be folded in three ways. In a triangle shaped box I carved hexagons, to indicate the shape of the napkin and the inspiration of the designer – honeycomb.

mentor: doc. Domen Fras


Global IC Packaging Market 2015 Industry Analysis, Research, Study, Trends and Forecast

The IC Packaging market is analyzed in the research report Global IC Packaging Market 2015. The report dwells on all aspects of the global IC Packaging industry, including its value chain dynamics, the legislative framework regulating its growth, and the IC Packaging market’s competitive landscape. 100 more words