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Vintage 90s Twill Button Down M-L

Can you guess what year this article was from?

compara: saia estampada com salto alto e oxford

Oii,gente! Tudo certinho com vocês?

Que tal um look super feminino e lady like hoje? :)

Olha só que meiga! hahaha

Nesse dia amanheceu meio friozinho aqui em Uberlândia, mas eu queria usar saia, por isso a meia calça! 115 more words


2. Taylor's

I have often walked past Taylor’s café on Woodstock road and admired its classy, navy canopies. Today was the day that I went in.

On a spontaneous whim, a friend and I decided to take a look into this seemingly up-market café. 310 more words


Oxfordshire Unite Against Austerity

Oxfordshire Unite Against Austerity!

Age UK Oxfordshire estimates that 14,000 of the county’s 120,000 pensioners are now living below the poverty line. They said: ‘Rising costs degrade the quality of life for people…Older people face a squeeze…Energy costs are rocketing, food does not get any cheaper.’ Many pensioners living in areas of Banbury and Oxford are officially classified as ‘deprived’ while nearly half of those living in rural Oxfordshire are in the worst 10 percent in the country in terms of accessibility of services. 341 more words


London: The City That Keeps Calling Me Back

Ahhh London. So we meet again! I long to return and explore your hidden treasures, learn your history and feel your soul. When I am not near you, I am filled with nostalgia, constantly yearning to return again. 1,492 more words


Self-harm: My story

So this is a topic I have wanted to approach for some time – but I’m aware that it can be an incredibly painful topic to talk about, so I am attaching some warnings to this: I will be talking about self-harm, suicide, depression and self-loathing, so if you feel like reading about this will have a negative effect on your well-being, please don’t continue reading! 1,109 more words


Vox Pisces

Vox Pisces, 8″ x 10″, a work in progress by Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler.
I enjoy the patina of folk tale on this story, about a book. 200 more words