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Sweet Dreams

If you know me you know that I am hellbent on a path to owning a home. I know next to nearly nothing about real estate or “the market,” but I read a lot and have recently watched so much HGTV that surely, I got this. 247 more words

The final goodbye

Today is our last day in Nadi – no one wants to leave, no one wants to say goodbye (and most of all no one wants to go back to uni!) 93 more words


Dodging LA Podcast #9: 3 Minute Countdown

Logan and Brian bring the heat PTI-style on the podcast with a 3 minute timer for each of today’s 10 topics which include discussions from whether this Kentucky team in unbeatable to the worst (and best) owners in sports. 45 more words


Prominent developer SunCal brought in for Coliseum City study

SunCal, a large developer based out of Irvine, was brought into the Coliseum City project this week. Their role isn’t as the project’s master developer, it’s to determine whether the stadium, parking, and ancillary development can all properly fit on the 120-140 acre Coliseum site. 378 more words


Dog balances all sorts of household items on its head [21 pictures]

This is Jack…

He lives in San Francisco with his owners Nicole and Trey, who have fun together balancing things on his head…

And to close the show, here he is being very meta about his talent… 10 more words


The small market A's and some serious equity

Like clockwork, the annual Forbes MLB valuations roteere released yesterday, just prior to the start of the regular season. Unlike last year (which I didn’t bother to write about), there were several surprises. 1,471 more words