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Whoo? Whoo? Joke

After prayer meeting two lonely spinster ladies stopped in a grove to pray as they walked home.  One of them led off. “Please God, if it’s not too much to ask, could you send us husbands?   45 more words


Nature's Book Pressed with Love

silhouette of magic’s breath
starlight beams music’s soul
opening arms to the wisdom

flowing down with love’s sweet kiss
lift my spirit and laughter exhale… 51 more words




For the sailors, the anchor is the last refuge, that is, the hope in the storm and, therefore, also symbolizes the conflict between the solid (earth) and the liquid (water). 447 more words


This Month on Society6 - February 2015

After joining Society6, I discovered there was quite a bit of art on the sight. Some quite good. But it could take quite a while to wade through all that work. 84 more words


An Owl Causes A Car Accident

What’s that bird movie with Steve Martin and Owen Wilson? Oh yeah, The Big Year. It’s all about bird watching and the extremes that real bird watchers will go to see some birds. 112 more words


Mother's Day Inspirations!

Mother’s Day in the UK is a only weeks away, and with so many gift choices out there it can be tricky to decide on the perfect present.  117 more words


Dragon Comics 76

You know how you sometimes have these eye-opening dreams where everything seems infused with wonder and meaning and there’s some kind of message or idea you want to carry back to the real world but once you wake up and try to explain it to other people, even if you can actually remember the dream in its entirety, you still can’t communicate the deep and sublime feelings that it instilled in you as you slept? 206 more words