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New on 500px : Owens River by frank_delargy

It was dawn, it was cold, there were few clouds to speak of but it was wonderful to be here at this oft-photographed bend in the Owens River waiting for the sun. 99 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage


Today’s LAMCast features the Aqueduct Futures program at Cal Poly Pomona, which  investigates the prospects for the Los Angeles Aqueduct and its slowly recovering ground source, the Owens Valley.  93 more words


Eastern Sierras

There’s just something about mountains and the way the altitude plays with the light. Given that these were taken in mid-February, there should have been way more snow up there. 92 more words


Los Angeles, Owens Valley, and Water

My Maternal family came to the upper Mojave Desert in the 1950’s. During that time my grandfather started talking to the “old timers” as he called them. 1,293 more words

The People's Democratic Socialist Republic of California is Running Out of Water!

It is mentioned in the news. Look it up.

The residents – those with functioning minds at least – have my sympathy. However, the citizens of PDSR California have (by majority vote) done it to themselves. 678 more words

Idiot Politicians