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On A Mission To Change

For years, I have been uncomfortable with my body. I have been overweight since I was about 11. My heaviest weight was 245lbs, that was in April. 103 more words


Fighting Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is quickly becoming America’s next health crisis. The consequences are not only regarding physical health, but also psychological health. Along with causing issues with self-image and self-worth, it can also effect individual organ systems, life expectancy, academic  and cognitive development, and vocational success. 280 more words

Health And Wellness

37 degrees Celsius

It’s summer in the Netherlands. It’s hot.
The hottest start in juli since 1944 if it should warm up to 41 degrees Celsius next saturday. Insane. 343 more words

Estrogen and Candida

Some may not know what Candida is. It is a big fancy word for YEAST. And I just found out that a candida overgrowth in the body is supported by an excesses of estrogen. 706 more words


Fat in the Land of Tan and Skinny........

My husband, youngest daughter and I are going on vacation in the near future.  This should be a fun vacation because we are starting in one destination and then from there, who knows?   890 more words

From A Fat Perspecitve

I haven’t posted in awhile mainly because I am and will always be an inconsistent blogger. I have not yet acquired the self-discipline to sit down and do this every month. 869 more words