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Sometimes, things happen at the perfect time.

For example: I am currently taking a Critical Thinking course through my online college. At the same time, America is yet again divided over racial ignorance. 293 more words

presentation day

I know that it’s fine,but honestly, I just want to kick myself and throw myself out the window for not being awarded for something. Maybe, I had kept my hopes too high that have now let me to disappointment. 218 more words


The DO's and DON'T's for when you spot a tick on your pooch

When you first get your new dog, every little thing that happens to them can scare the shit out of you.

Seriously, everything.

Anything from your dog having different coloured poop to them merely scratching behind their ear can trigger alarms in your head. 693 more words

When you think a guy likes you but his textual behaviour suggests otherwise

So there’s this really cute German guy who was in Australia a while ago. I know he was into me… I’m sure of it.

One night we were in a club and I went up to him, got close and kissed him. 223 more words


Probably an overreaction.

So, I’ve just finished watching a film, and I feel obliged to write about it. Which says a lot, really. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something that made me… react so strongly. 707 more words

Freak Out

I got home and pottered about, put the junk mail in the recycling and then noticed this (pictured below) sitting on the other bin lid. 175 more words