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Managing Our Pinch Points

We all go through life with certain sensitivities that wax and wane according to how we evolve. Sometimes, these sensitivities arise from our experiences, others simply burble up as a result of our individual temperaments. 868 more words

Am I Overreacting?

I am travelling with a photographer. We are staying in a hotel together, in the same room. She had arranged for us to travel 4 hours to some town today to see people she wanted to meet with. 70 more words


Currently feel like I m two steps from falling apart. Haunted by old voices telling me I never should have been born. That there is something badly wrong with me, and I never should have made it this far. 63 more words

Let's talk about knowing yourself

Hey guys and gals,

March has come and gone and so has my vacation back home. It was swell, thanks for asking! I toured the coastline of another country, then went home to get fat and happy – and it worked! 222 more words

Enslaved by Time

I’ve rattled philosophically about “time” before, so it isn’t a new concept to me. (Albeit, if I’m honest, sometimes I reread my own writing and think, “Whoa! 624 more words

How to Deal with Resistance and Fear

Do you know that feeling when you need to do something you’re afraid of, but you have the option to postpone it indefinitely?
Will you go through the unpleasant feelings of fear right now, or will you deal with the issue later, say in a few months or years? 248 more words