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Enslaved by Time

I’ve rattled philosophically about “time” before, so it isn’t a new concept to me. (Albeit, if I’m honest, sometimes I reread my own writing and think, “Whoa! 624 more words

How to Deal with Resistance and Fear

Do you know that feeling when you need to do something you’re afraid of, but you have the option to postpone it indefinitely?
Will you go through the unpleasant feelings of fear right now, or will you deal with the issue later, say in a few months or years? 248 more words


Oh a noise? Let me over react and go into ninja detective mode

So, how about a funny story that just happened. I was sitting in my room, happy out doing some organizing and watching some Sherlock, as you do, when I slowly registered footsteps coming from my housemates room next door to mine. 539 more words

My Life

Scorched Earth

I am owed no rewards
No heartfelt words
On this somber, day of days

For I’ve fallen
Far from peril’s reach
Stripped bare, and in want… 49 more words



OMG.. God has a way of making you come to terms and facing fears. I can’t deal! The very thing I was thinking about and was hurt about, I had to face it less than 5 minutes ago.. 40 more words

African American

Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Are you constantly striving for perfection? Are you overly critical and unforgiving of yourself? Then I encourage you to take a deep breath and stop driving yourself crazy. 125 more words