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Art and Science: A Recap

This blog has been a really interesting part of an online writing class I’ve been taking. As an engineering and theatre major, I have found the overlaps of art and science to be something really interesting to write about. 424 more words


The Overlaps: Leonardo Da Vinci

This is a topic that pretty much everyone saw coming–Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci is one of the most famous artists to ever live, and in addition to this, he accomplished a huge amount in the fields of science and engineering. 648 more words


The Overlaps: Theme Parks

If there is one topic that I find particularly fascinating it is theme parks. Theme parks, like most areas of entertainment, are particularly good at combining technology and art to create unique experiences. 174 more words


The Artistic Technology Behind Video Games

I would by no means call myself a heavy gamer, however I do find myself hooked every now and then. I am a huge fan of a company named Naughty Dog. 340 more words


Art and Science: The Overlaps (Adam Savage)

One of my main goals on this blog is to prove that art and science really aren’t as different as most people seem to believe they are. 257 more words




A myth clouded with colours,

Overlaps itself.