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Raising peace-making kids in Oakland

Russell M. Jeung, associate professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University, was one of the cofounders of New Hope Covenant, a Christian community in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Oakland, California, where he has lived for years with his wife and three children. 125 more words

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Just shake it off.

In explaining some concept of citation, or perhaps authorship, or who knows what, I made reference to Taylor Swift.  Immediately, the classroom erupted into cheers of approval and groans of dismay.   75 more words

"I had no part in this."

Recently overheard . . .

“I had no part in this.”  The response of the one lone boy at a table of girls who had artfully arranged all the color pencils in order, by color.   14 more words

The fix 

Olivia, to Owen, after he expressed serious concern over what must be a relatively new sensation: “You know what gets rid of hiccups? This!”



What's Up?

Today’s blog post is based on an actual conversation that I overheard in the kitchen at work not too long ago. The conversation went like so: 384 more words

will coles : hosier lane

Today in Hosier Lane…

Him: Look, it’s just like yours!

Her: No way! Mine is bigger AND shinier.


Love Your Work


Rebecca: “Owen, come over here. I want to tell you how cute and little you are.”

Owen: “I’m poopy.”