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A Curiosity Trap

Good Morning, to you. I hope your weekend has been a pleasant one, thus far. I contemplated writing this post for the past several days after I first encountered the finding I will mention momentarily. 1,592 more words

The Ring of Power

Over the past several weeks, my oldest brother and youngest brother and I have been watching Lord of The Rings. I know, that’s a long time. 710 more words

The Secret Closet: How Knowing God Transforms Prayer, a book review

The following is an unsolicited and uncompensated review straight from my heart to you, dear readers:

Anyone who has been reading me awhile has probably noted one thing-I am not prone to reviews or promotion. 767 more words

Christian Life And Ponderings

Tips for Managing Anger

-Try to remove “should” and “ought” from your thought vocabulary.

Rarely is life black and white. Usually the gray area is where we dwell. This means that every person thinks differently, feels differently, learns differently and reacts differently. 316 more words

~Spiritual Matters~

Broken Things

We sat at the kitchen table discussing what no parent wants to discuss—the death of a child. They were elderly. They had lived long and storied lives. 784 more words

In Media Vita

True Followers

A spiritual giant of a man that we’ve all heard of at one time or another once said “When the heart sees what God wants, the body must be willing to spend and be spent for that cause alone.” 259 more words

God's Promises

Where's My Miracle? (Miracle Series)

I love the story of Jesus and Lazarus. While Jesus is away, His friend Lazarus dies. When word comes to Jesus about His friend, He didn’t run to the rescue. 1,288 more words

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