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"Press HERE for Power!"

I ran my first half-marathon (13.1 miles) this past Sunday: the Tampa Gasparilla Half-Marathon.

For me, this personal milestone was about overcoming obstacles. I sustained permanent neurological damage in my leg after I broke it in a cycling accident three years ago. 397 more words


The Battle of Little Big Brain - The War in the Mind of a Writer

The greatest battle I face as a writer is what I call, “The Battle of Little Big Brain.” Why, you ask?

Good question.

One. My mind thinks in quirky ways (AKA cognitive diversity, AKA Yay! 721 more words

Aspiring Authors

The Mediocrity Mentality

Prior to the last few months, I have found myself complacent. Settling into the mediocrity of day in and day out “living”. Which was actually more of an existing. 391 more words

Positive Thinking and Achieving Goals

We all here from many people and many sources that the power of positive thinking can help us achieve all our dreams.  From people like Dr. 458 more words


Failing or Flying

Hey friends! I hope everyone is making it over the hump with a smile and a spring in their step! I definitely had a harder time getting out of bed then I’d care to admit but the sun is shining and it is going to be a wonderful day! 210 more words

Daily Thoughts

Characteristics of Mentally Tough Athletes

There are lots of different ways to describe and define mental toughness.  It can be described as the ability, willingness, and discipline to perform effectively and productively, regardless of the situation or circumstances. 289 more words


5 Uplifting Tips To Get You Through Your Rough Patch

This past year marked a quarter century of being alive and gracing all 12 of my blog readers with unforgivable puns. Sorry about that, guys. As my birthday nears, pushing me further towards 26 each day, I reflect back on the things I learned in this particularly noteworthy year. 870 more words