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We begin the moment we believe

Feeling the grace of all that subsides in trading spaces
Knowing you have those aces hidden up your sleeve… 91 more words


Big Questions

What is the meaning of life?

Who am I?

How can I make my life meaningful?

These are three questions I have always struggled with, whether I acknowledged them at the time or not, whether I consciously turned them over in my mind or pushed them away with distractions, they have always been inside me tugging for answers. 547 more words

A Life Examined

More Than Conquerors

“In all things we know that we are more than conquerors. You keep us by Your love.”

Hey guys!

Recently my college pastor spoke on fear and the things that people are afraid. 460 more words


Revelation Chapter 3 Part (A)

Today, I will discuss church number five which is the church of Sardis. As, I have been doing, I will start with what Jesus liked about the church of Sardis and what Jesus Christ did not like about the church of Sardis. 748 more words




Press on! Never give up!

When the darkness rushes in

And you stand alone and afraid~

Persevere! Walk on into Light!

When tasks get tough… 78 more words


Running Freely

Recently I started running in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. I started this about four weeks ago. The other day as I was going for a run I suddenly felt compelled to listen to my quiet time playlist. 2,397 more words

The Flight Of Faith