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While the obstacles before us may seem never ending, like a trail of things we can’t walk past, remembering to look up will ease your personal struggle. 118 more words

Keep Climbing

Sherbert-colored skies adorned with fluffy clouds stretched for miles. Blood pulsed through my veins as pieces of my hair scattered wildly from the wind. Taking in a huge breath, I exhaled with rejuvenation. 286 more words

I am grateful: Day 23

I am grateful … for my smile.

It sounds weird once again, but I finally had an okay day. Towards the end of the day, it seemed like I finally got my smile back that wasn’t fake or being put on. 159 more words

The Darkness Has Not Overcome

Have you ever wanted to watch an important sports event on television, but it just wasn’t possible?

Perhaps you were scheduled to work at that time or some other circumstance was in the way. 277 more words

Photos With Christian Thoughts By Myra Johnson

5 Common Bankruptcy Fears to Face and Overcome

Are you on the fence in regards to filing for bankruptcy? If so, there may be one thing holding you back: fear. You don’t know what to expect. 168 more words

Hyperactivity or Restlessness

Common adult symptoms of ADD – Hyperactivity or Restlessness

  • feelings of inner restlessness, agitation
  • tendency to take risks
  • getting bored easily
  • racing thoughts
  • trouble sitting still; constant fidgeting…
  • 351 more words