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Seeing what is real

Last week my husband and I were in Chicago in the Holiday Inn on the 23rd floor.  It was so cool to look out over the city that I love. 331 more words


Nurturing connections to form lasting friendships

Two years ago, I joined a Hong Kong Science Park delegation to participate in a Geneva exhibition. While there, I met a Sri Lankan professor who radiated energy like an elastic band pulled taught and his appearance further reinforced this visual. 607 more words


Personal storytelling through visualizations

The most ubiquitous way to share personal experiences and stories is through photos. Relatively speaking, they are quick to create and can be instantaneously shared. They’re great for capturing a feeling or special moment, but rarely show change over time or the relationship between two or more ideas. 796 more words


Reflecting on a year of pop-up dinners

Almost one year ago, a casual conversation over coffee became an ongoing experiment in crafting immersive dining experiences to build lasting connections through engaging dialog. Six dinners and many tweeks later, I’m beginning to hone in on the building blocks that form a foundation for success. 940 more words


Announcing Outward, the Adventurer Life Simulator

Today, we’ve revealed our new project: Outward. It’s an open world RPG and we like to describe it as an Adventurer Life Simulator. We just added the game on… 17 more words


Women 01 Marriage

I just don’t get this. This bias against women.
Women in the Victorian era were just considered an enhancement to a man’s social status. They did not have the right to vote, to inheritance of property, or even to sue. 424 more words