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Spring Makeover...sort of

It would seem the transition from the livingingraceland URL to my name has been seamless. At least on this end. Please leave a comment if you’ve experienced any issues on your end. 224 more words



Then it comes
this deep darkness
out of the mind and body
it crawls through the night, places, spaces
a restless creep
you do not remember nothing… 25 more words

Springtime in Texas

The bluebonnets are blooming, the trees are sprouting leaves, and we’ve got a sweet new bike seat thanks to the generosity of friends.  It’s spring, and Owen and I couldn’t be happier.

What We're Up To

I am so disappointed in mom!

My mom has been on vacation this week and while I have enjoyed having her home, she hasn’t taken me anywhere new. She told me that while on vacation she was going to take me to a dog park in Norfolk and to a pretty Japanese gazebo there as well. 183 more words


Daily inspiration, think about it

Think about it! You have to like yourself before you can expect anyone else to like you. Believe that you are a good person who wants all well, it’s visible on the outside & affects you positively.


Take care / Marie