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Why the pen is mightier than the IPAD.

You may think that a brave statement for a blog that prides itself on technology, innovation and problem solving. But trust me on this.

First let’s consider the longevity of each of these – firstly the humble Biro.

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March 2015 - The Highs take a break

“The Highs which have had a tight grip on the country recently look likely to take a break as we start March” said MetService Meteorologist Georgina Griffiths. 183 more words

Press Release

Se acaba la integración de Outlook con Facebook y Google

En una comunicación enviada por Microsoft, que ha sorprendido algunos, se dado conocer que Microsoft eliminara de Outlook su integración con los servicios de chat para Facebook y Google. 218 more words


Bashing The Mainstream: Why Acting Cool Is Uncool

It’s a conversation I have repeatedly with friends of mine whenever the topic is raised. Someone will make a statement about the ‘mainstream’, which will usually express the supposedly cancerous lack of originality and simplicity in current popular music. 676 more words


How #AzureML and #MachineLearning are helping managing my Inbox–Part I

In this post, how to build an AzureML model to auto suggest folders/labels for email classification & archiving. How to consume AzureML web service directly on Outlook. 610 more words

Business Intelligence

When to bite the bullet, and bulldoze your project.

There are potentially many, many, many times you’ll be working on an application or project, only for it to hit you – like a chair to the face. 884 more words