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Perspective Adjustment

During an especially busy time, I had a perspective adjustment that changed my outlook for the better.

I was involved in several major projects, had a huge amount of work to do, and was quite tired—almost exhausted. 395 more words

Better People

Commandment 1: I Am Organized; Outlook

The first step in reinventing my professional life is to fix the behvaiors that hold me back and hold me down.  Everything else in the plan for a new professional direction will be easier to accomplish when I get out of my own way on these issues: organization and emotional control. 207 more words


The Things that Change Life

I remember a time when I was just a baby freshman in a high school world. The first things my parents did was make sure I was prepared cause ya’ know, better to prepare than to worry. 414 more words


Living the Moment vs. Living Productively

There are times where I want to let go and not worry about the work I’m not doing. In those particular times, I know I can’t rip away the thought of what I have to do to be productive. 656 more words


Out of the winter woods?

MICHIGAN– It’s almost April and many are wondering when the cold weather will be over. The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration issues long term predictions on temperature trends. 93 more words


You decide

Deer and Butterfly were engaged in conversation.
Discussing events of the last two days.

Curious, Deer asked, “So, what went wrong?”
Butterfly responded, “Everything.”

Disturbed, Deer asked, “Well, what went right?” 36 more words


How to Always Send in Plain Text to Certain Email Addresses in Outlook

Do you know somebody possibly at onsite whose mail client does not support rich HTML formatting and can’t see embedded objects in mail and in reply send emails in plain text? 182 more words

Email Messages