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Outlining Part Two

You guys, outlining is hard. Outlining a book with 8+ different perspectives is downright torture, but I would be so lost without it. Above is a picture of my basic outlines for each character (not filled out yet). 79 more words

Pretty calm day

I had my morel omelet this morning, it was fabulous, as expected. It turned out to be more of a scramble, my folding skills are kind of hit and miss. 359 more words

Tips from an Almost-Author as She Closes in on Her First Novel

I know we’ve got some nonbelievers in the crowd. Maybe you read my post vowing to write books for a living and you thought, “Sure, Stephani. 887 more words


Outlining Part 2: The Nine Blocks

Welcome back everyone!

So today we are going to be taking the Three Acts that we discussed HERE and we are going to be breaking it down into its Nine Blocks. 1,126 more words

Meanwhile, back in the real world

I went to a pee-wee flag football game today. These little kids don't get it at all. They mostly run around in a cluster trying to grab everyone else's flags. 472 more words

Planning your novel, part four

I’ve given everyone a pretty good idea of how I set up my board, and how I move my cards around to get between the cornerstones of a story. 1,349 more words


Planning Act Two

It occurs to me this series also includes some data about story structure. There are many structures you can use, but I prefer three act structure. 772 more words