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On Taking Off One's Pants

This last couple of weeks has been an interesting time for my writing. It’s not gone as well as hoped, simply due to my studies taking more time than expected, but I reckon it’s been useful nonetheless. 420 more words

How I Use Note Cards for Outlining

I’ll admit it, I’m outliner. I love plotting my story as thoroughly as possible before I write a scene. And I LOVE using index cards for outlining. 806 more words


Weekend winding down

My wife decided she wanted to watch the Women's World Cup game. We haven't watched soccer since the last Olympics, but what the heck.

I didn't manage any editing this weekend, and I also didn't work on any short stories. 512 more words


Pinterest: My Partner in Creativity

I have mentioned Pinterest before, but I thought I might explain a little bit more about my boards, how I used them, and why I find Pinterest oh-so-helpful as an author. 479 more words


Novel Update - June and Six-Month Check-In


What Dreams is at 41,714 words, up from 39,013 in May. So… eh. About average, still not getting that monthly number up by very much. 629 more words


Plotting the Unplottable : Spreadsheets

Here we have the amazing (if messy) plotting chart of J.K. Rowling for book 5 in the Harry Potter series – Order of the Phoenix.  It may not look like much, but this chart was the key to Rowling’s success.   1,145 more words

Writing 101


I’ve avoided outlining my story from the very beginning. In the very, very beginning I wanted to write the story something like Jack Kerouac’s first draft of… 544 more words