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Informative Speech Assessment

Public Speakers,

In our last couple of sessions we have examined the broad implications of Informative Speaking offers for speakers as well as audiences. Organization… 336 more words

Introducing the cast of The Peacemakers

Even though I am using Camp NaNoWriMo to edit my fantasy novel I do plan on writing a bit in my new dystopia project, which is currently titled  42 more words


Saving the Novel Writer, One Cat at a Time

There doesn’t appear to be a consensus from my informal survey of Goodreads and blog sites on Save the Cat in most writing circles. Some would say it needs its own “save the cat” moment. 971 more words

The Middle

Act 2 sucks so much. It’s this big double act where a bunch of stuff happens that leads up to the end. Act 1 is simple. 220 more words


Outlining for Evidence is just a bit better with alcohol

Who says no drinking and outlining?

Everybody who knows me knows that I will make up any reason to incorporate alcohol into my day. Good grades? 210 more words


Progress Report, March 2015

Much as I adore Unchurched (formerly Statutory State) I realized that I needed to give it a break. I needed to get perspective on the rewriting I’d been doing. 267 more words


Three Dirty Birds and the Antagonist

The Three Dirty Birds are back and plotting! (Not that we ever aren’t plotting but this time, even Kitty is plotting. As in, has an outline. 1,161 more words

Three Dirty Birds Talk