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Bank holiday: A great excuse for selfies.

So, last weekend was bank holiday and for the first time – probably ever – I went out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Animal, I know. This kind of momentous occasion could only call for one (or two) things: new outfits, and plenty of selfies. 63 more words


Home-made ripped jeans ! 🎀

So today I was looking at the knee ripped jeans online, and they are so expensive, especially for someone who doesn’t have a job and needs extra money. 66 more words


Summer Picnic

I bought these pink gingham shorts for my Minime about a month back. Once I put them on her, I thought of how I used to have brown ones similar to them. 123 more words


Woah Belly!

My belly has reached new levels of gigantic as I enter the home stretch of this pregnancy. I worry deeply about whether my stomach can recover from this extensive level of abuse but I can’t WAIT to meet my little daughter and give her a million kisses! 53 more words


Black on Black

Dorothy Perkins Leather Jacket, Nique Jumper, Seed Heritage Jeans, Nike Sneakers.

One of those mornings when you try on every piece of clothing in your wardrobe, you’re running late for class and there is no time for breakfast? 85 more words