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Outer Space Get Well Card: Hurry Up And Get Well So We Can All Fly Away And Dance, Dance, Dance…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

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Hubble observes a 'Nasty' star

Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have uncovered surprising new clues about a hefty, rapidly aging star whose behavior has never been seen before in our Milky Way galaxy. 1,210 more words


40 maps that explain outer space - Vox

Space is uniquely difficult for us to wrap our heads around. It’s bigger, by many orders of magnitude, than anything we ever experience firsthand, and involves processes that unfold over the course of billions of years.

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Identifying Constellations at the ISP

Have you ever noticed that the stars in the sky form different shapes? Many others throughout history have as well! Groups of stars that form different patterns in the sky are known as constellations. 242 more words

Behind The Scenes

Dream to be on the "Edge of Space"

A big dream of mine is to experience what it’s like to be in the outer space. This enthusiasm came about when I happen to come across this show in the Arabic network on MBC entitled “Laish La” (meaning why not). 421 more words

Supernova ignition surprises scientists

Written by Lola Gayle

Explosions on Earth typically occur quite rapidly, lasting only seconds. But explosive supernovae in space can take months to fizzle out. This slowness is what allows scientists to study a supernova’s dynamics in greater detail. 423 more words



Additional guidelines for learning control and restraint
– a self-examination exercise
Spring 1988


1. Deceit

a. Doing an act “on the sly.”
b. Lying to my teachers or any of my classmates.

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"Heaven's Gate"