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Is Space Tourism Travelling Faster Than Space Law?

By Gbenga Oduntan

Space Daily

Space tourism is fast becoming the new frontier in the transportation business. Driven by profit-making private venture capital, the push to offer customers some direct or indirect experience with space travel is no longer the stuff of comic books or science fiction. 188 more words


Jupiter and Venus line up, look like double star

(WIAT) — If you didn’t have to deal with the cover of a cloudy sky Tuesday night, you got to see quite a show by two planets. 76 more words


Rings Of Saturn

July 1, 2004 marked an historical first in the exploration of the Solar System. The Saturn Orbital Insertion maneuver took place when the Cassini spacecraft flew through the large gap between Saturn’s F and G rings. 611 more words

Cultural Highlights

The Awareness of Eva

Book 1

When Beth first discovered Eva they recognized each other immediately, although neither one of them knew why. Then all of a sudden the past 30 years worth of history was erased and a new alternative reality existed. 277 more words


Star Wars in Everyday Life

Nicolas Amiard has a series, inspired by the work of Thomas Dagg, showing ships from Star Wars crashed into scenery on Earth. Via DesignBoom:


Space is not for the risk averse

Today, SpaceX’s Falcon rocket exploded after take off, destroying the unmanned Dragon capsule being launched for the International Space Station. The cost for the loss of the cargo is likely high, and it has been the third technical problem for SpaceX in a year. 150 more words


SpaceX rocket destroyed on way to space station, cargo lost

(AP)– An unmanned SpaceX rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station broke apart Sunday shortly after liftoff. It was a severe blow to NASA, the third cargo mission to fail in eight months. 946 more words