Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper Spoiler Alert Review

First of all I just wanted to say that I am SUPER sorry about not posting for so long. But I’ve been busy so. . . 825 more words

Book Review

Out of My Mind, or Best Book of the Summer

Even though my two boys are getting older, I still love reading out loud to them and, miraculously, they still let me. I’ve read the entire… 469 more words

Great Books

Out Of My Mind

Melody has Cerebral Palsy. She has to sit in a wheelchair and cannot talk, walk, write, feed herself, change, … basically, she can’t do a lot of stuff that her fellow classmates can. 419 more words


My cup feels like it’s running over, but looks empty.

My emotions are running all over the place, but I can’t seem to grab ahold of one. 53 more words


Book Review: Out of My Mind

Eleven year old Melody has suffered from a severe case of cerebral palsy since birth. She is unable to sit up by herself because she has no sense of balance. 306 more words

Book Review

Out of My Mind

I’m out of my mind
But I’m always in it
Always looking tired
But I’m never finished
I may be runnin
But it’s a way… 25 more words


Finding my footing

The cloud of optimism hangs peacefully over my head today….

How long will it last?

Why is the uncertainty so intriguing?

Its getting late and I’m still wondering what I could have done to make this day even better…