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Accepting Responsibility For Our Broken Energy Policy

We’ve had discussions recently on the amount of subsidies that the fossil fuel industries receive from the federal government here in the U.S. To be sure, there is a great deal of hanky-panky played with these numbers. 500 more words


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Clean Energy "Solutions" Need To Be Economically Competitive

Senior energy analyst Glenn Doty (see Doty Windfuels) and I have been discussing the economic merits of novel approaches to hydrokinetics.  Re: my statement that I believed my… 269 more words

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Let's Start with a Progressive National Energy Policy and Go From There

A reader asked what I would do if I were elected to public office, by which I presume he meant: what would I do if I had unrestrained power to implement anything I want. 325 more words

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How "Green" Is Your Electricity?

Here’s last month’s webinar, in which I interview Jim Holbery, Ph.D., CEO and founder of GridMobility.  It’s a 60-minute discussion on how electricity is generated, and how consumers can stipulate their preference for renewable energy. 103 more words

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Freedom's Wings #poetry #july4th

It’s your moment

you look over the edge

no words can express

the exhilarating dread


what if I fall?

it seems I could fail… 104 more words


Where did the month go? - June 2015

Hey there,

I can’t believe it’s the end of June already! It doesn’t feel like a month since I wrote my update for May, but I guess it is. 345 more words

Elle Turner

'Nothing Less Than a Systemic Transformation of Our World'

Editor’s Note: In general, or maybe better said, “as presented”… We DO NOT subscribe to the “Climate Change Hype”…  The below is otherwise presented without comment and made available for you to decide on your own… 393 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies