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Who are We? (Part 1)

We are a 7 member group with beautiful and awesome people that get together to dance (Actually: to do crazy and funny things). We like to be together and even though we don’t live near each others, that doesn’t stop us from talking about the most crazy, insane and funny things that comes to our minds. 372 more words

Our World

Our Broken World

If there were ever a turning point in time, it would be today. Our global civilization is dangerously unstable, not only because of grim environmental threats, but because our social institutions are unsustainable at every scale—from family life to national politics to global governance. 652 more words

The Journey


For the most part! With the, as I call it “evolution – revolution” of going back to the basics is simply a regurgitation of the original plan. 12 more words


Traditional American Fast-food

Has about another 3-5 years to remain if they do not make drastic changes. The babyboomer generation was busy, busy, busy with chasing after one another, thus having to rely on a large 2 person income to even survive. 30 more words


Where did the month go? - February 15

Hey there,

Happy Friday! We’ve made it through the winter! Spring is just round the corner, even if it doesn’t feel like it where you are. 442 more words

Elle Turner

In The Realm of Sky

I mentioned last month that I would be taking the pdf of In The Realm of Sky off the site. It took a little longer to get around to than anticipated due to some unexpected developments in my life (more on that later, maybe). 118 more words

Our World

Top 10 Countries Suffering The Greatest Military Losses In The First World War

The number of battle fatalities and deaths from other causes among military personnel varied enormously from country to country. Romania’s death rate was highest, at 45 per cent of its total mobilized forces, Germany’s was 16 per cent, Austria-Hungary’s and Russia’s 15 per cent, and the British Empire’s 10 per cent, with the USA’s 2 per cent and Japan’s 0.04 per cent among the lowest. 67 more words

Our World