Letter To My Younger Self!

“Dwight, Doc Gooden: if your curveball isn’t working, you’ll know how to fix that. If the control on your pitches is off, you’ll know how to fix that too. 156 more words

Ever Just Want To Say Fuck It!

Dogs dying, moms dying and my hips so bad I can barely walk. Pilots are purposely flying planes into mountains and politicians are starting to sling mud getting ready for the next presidential campaign, somebody break out the champagne, what a life. 330 more words

What Does Courage Look Like?

Boy this must be it, my moms health is fading, my best friend my labs health is fading, what and who I thought mattered is fading around me and I have one move that might stop me from fading away! 403 more words

Well I Made It To 4:40:-(

Longer than I thought, I seemed to have some strength today until 4:40 hit. Now all that’s left for me to do is let the clock hit midnight Cinderella and watch the rest of my life waste away. 563 more words

Nine Years, Are You Fucking Kidding Me Batman!

Darren Douchebag Sharper gets concurrent sentences and nine years are you serious! Boy how the other half live, must be nice to have money and a little fame! 178 more words

It's Not What You Did, But What You Didn't Do!

My story isn’t over, I don’t care if it gets harder! Sometimes you hsbe to dance with the devil to get out of hell, sometimes you have to realize, it isn’t what you did, but what you didn’t do. 125 more words