Our Parade

It’s our parade,
A grand masquerade.
So don’t be afraid
To just be yourself.
We’ll put on a show,
To let them all know
That this is our day. 63 more words

You Can't.....

“I had a one night stand with my best friends baby sister, to this day he still won’t speak to me. I pawned my grandpa’s old guitar in college, for a case of beer and a tank of gasoline. 256 more words


I think about what could have been, I let my mind slip away to that place I know will bury me! Sometimes I give people who have even less than I momey to eat, sometimes I hurt people real badly and I know better before I do it. 248 more words

"I Was Playing In The Beggining, The Mood All Changed!

Your pissing your life away, and maybe that is okay with you, but it’s not okay to me anymore! You see I was playing in the Beggining, watching you piss it away, I even let you at one point convince yourself that it was actually okay! 195 more words

It's A Little Different Look Now!

But don’t you think it pretty much had to be at this point stupid? There better be something in your smile and that look in your eye? 192 more words

I Keep Going To The River Too Pray!

That should have been in quotes, sorry Ella Henderson my apologies for that and probably butchering your name! Be so good that they can’t catch up to you, that they can’t pass you by! 223 more words

"Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay!"

Just letting the time slip or waste away I believe is the title to the song! Tired of this same battle over and over again with the same mother fucker, the old me is dead and gone Justin Timberlake! 301 more words