Go Mad For A Couple Grams!

Mad, it was more like lost my mind and derailed my entire life Ed Sheran. And it wasn’t even the good stuff, we’re talking about grams of weed man, but boy did I go mad Ed Sheran How quickly I forgot what mattered or just flat didn’t care because I got high, because I made what never mattered more important than what always did! 156 more words

The Day I Die Is Rapidly Approaching!

But in the meantime, time to plot and figure out a new plan Stan! Everything has gone to shit and I’ve gone to shit with it. 159 more words

That 4 Hour Call The Doctor Moment, When You're Caught With Your Pants Down!

When the egg was squarely all over your face! When there weren’t excuses for what you did and the less you had answers the more it all started to make sense. 244 more words

Every time I am on the cusp of quitting this blog altogether, a surprising opportunity arises.

I enjoy writing, but as I’ve mentioned before, despite my best efforts, I often have absolutely nothing to report. 295 more words


I Was Playing In The Beginning, Got My Throat Slit And The Mood All Changed!

Should of learned a lot from it wasn’t as much a slit to the throat as it was a BLOW to the nose pun intended! As I lay there and ounce of coke done all to myself in one night knowing I should be dead, begging God telling him to stop the uncontrollable nose bleeds and I’d never do it again, I should have learned and never done it again. 220 more words

It Isn't And Option!

You may have thought it was, hell you may have even made it and option in your head, but it never was. It has to happen, you can keep pretending, but the second you sack up and grow up and quit pretending you’ll see there is but one option left. 162 more words