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70 years ago, US flag raised at Iwo Jima

This flag-raising didn’t mean the battle was over; far from it, but it did represent a turning point in the horrendous, costly battle that was Iwo Jima. 366 more words

Reforming the US Army: can be done, must be done.

{Military reform} is not attacking the people in the Army, many of which sacrifice so much so many times. It is not the people, the vast majority which really adhere to the values of the services; it is the systems that manage them that are so bad and out of date.

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How did the US Army's leadership problem grow so bad?

Summary:  The US spends $600 billion on the US military (narrowly defined; almost a trillion broadly), yet repeatedly fails to defeat our poorly trained and equipped foes. 1,174 more words

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So many scandals in the US military: signs of rot or reform?

Summary: This morning’s post looked at the unprecedented number of scandals involving senior officers of the US military. Here we examine its significance and causes. Much depends on understanding what’s happening, and responding correctly. 1,101 more words

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Is Obama purging the US military leadership?

Summary:  Today we review the good news about signs of reform from within the US military, reforms starting at the core — enforcing high ethical and performance standards on its senior officers. 2,365 more words

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How does the Army reward heroism? Not well, as this story shows.

Summary: This series about the US military’s senior officers concludes with a shameful but true story showing their dysfunctionality. We entrust them with so much of our money, we esteem them so highly, and we get so little in return. 1,142 more words

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