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Review of "Kill Chain: Rise of the High-tech Assassins"

Summary:  Today we have a review of an important book about America’s post-9/11 policy of mass assassination. We’ve adopted a tactic that both history and theory suggests will fail, and which has repeatedly failed since 9/11. 1,413 more words

Our Military

Bergdahl: A lie too far

Too far even for the Obama-sucking MSM. Last night Megyn Kelly hinted that the panel of Bergdahl’s platoon members on her show earlier this year had helped pressure the Army to do the right thing and investigate. 135 more words

MSM Bias

Jester - "Firstly - there is no such thing as an 'Islamic State Hacking Division'." @th3j35t3r

Supposedly the Islamic State posted pictures, names and addresses of 100 US military and asked that brothers in America kill them.

Jester, not known for suffering fools, terrorists or those aiding and abetting the enemy posted: 154 more words

War For America

Victory through airpower! We always believe the promise, despite the past.

Summary: We gear up for another round of wars, repeating the same methods that failed repeatedly since WWII, with pregame performances more predictable than a Superbowl’s halftime festival. 768 more words

Our Military

70 years ago, US flag raised at Iwo Jima

This flag-raising didn’t mean the battle was over; far from it, but it did represent a turning point in the horrendous, costly battle that was Iwo Jima. 366 more words

Reforming the US Army: can be done, must be done.

{Military reform} is not attacking the people in the Army, many of which sacrifice so much so many times. It is not the people, the vast majority which really adhere to the values of the services; it is the systems that manage them that are so bad and out of date.

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