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Sunrises and Sunsets In Our Neck Of the Woods

Everyone knows I have a love /hate relationship with Florida. One thing I never get tired of though are the sunrises and the sunsets. They are spectacular. 32 more words

My Life

Five Years

“Heavenly Father, just as your Son blessed the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee with His presence, so now bless your children here who seek your favor.

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Our Life

Feeling Safe Above The Tavern

By Michael Armijo

My grief counseling session in the office above a little tavern has concluded for the day, and once again, I am moved. 412 more words

The Weekly News

Biking the Coastal Trail, Anchorage AK

Now that spring is trying to creep in to this northern most state, we are starting to get ourselves outside more. Tentatively we plan afternoon trips into the fresh air, testing the waters like we aren’t even sure what it’s like to run out the door without giving a thought to how many layers of clothes we have on. 360 more words

Our Life

One More

On March 13th we got a phone call for a foster-to-adopt placement – a little three day old boy. Of course we said yes! (Well, Andrew said yes & then called me and said, “Hey, should I fly home from California?”) The  little girl and I frantically got the house picked up and headed out to Target and the mall to pick up a bunch of little blue outfits. 311 more words

Our Life

One single second can stop your world from turning...

Often we talk about the beauty of life, about making the right choices and having the great positive mindset that will make anything happen – but sometimes life is just not like that… sometimes life is hard, sometimes life is stupid, and sometimes you wonder why… why this? 701 more words