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Our Epic Earth: Giant Iron Panda

Visual artist Bi Heng had built a 9 metre high armoured panda structure in Shenyang, China. The sculpture represents the human struggle with advanced technology overriding the natural hemegony of society. 34 more words

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Our Epic Earth: Craco, Italy

Located in Southern Italy, Craco was abandoned over time due to natural disasters. Craco has a long history of being taken and reclaimed by various groups and nations but in the last century its main worries became less war-focused and more nature-focused. 38 more words

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Our Epic Earth: Gray Malin Photography

Straight out of L.A., Gray Malin is young and talented photographer. His work captures unique angles and bright colours and you can buy prints and decor featuring his work here.

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Our Epic Earth: Dubai In The Mist

German photographer, Bjoern Lauen captured these images of a yearly natural phenomena that sees sunrise in Dubai look like the set of a movie.

The main building present in the pictures is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (828m) which sits in the Dubai CBD.

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Our Epic Earth: MTO Street Art

“Hit the North” at the Northern Ireland War Memorial

French graffiti/street artist MTO travels the world to creative his sometimes-provocative, sometimes-inspiring, sometimes-glamorous art.

“Florida, Mon Amour…” Sarasota Player’s Theatre, Florida… 46 more words

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Our Epic Earth: Total Lunar Eclipse

Tonight, you will have the opportunity see the second total lunar eclipse of the year. Instead of the moon we usually see at night, you will see a red-orange globe; the blood moon. 8 more words

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Our Epic Earth: Harp Sponge

The harp sponge, discovered in 2012 at depths over 3km, is a carnivorous deep-sea sponge that feeds on bacteria and microorganisms.

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