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Walking is one of the ways I’ve coped in life. For me sadness, anxiety and stress inevitably dissolve in the face of this natural and glorious flow of movement. 112 more words


The Conversation That Never Happened

I think I texted him that I needed to talk and asked if we could meet up. I might have called him directly, but my voice was shaking and brittle and I knew he would hear it. 1,176 more words

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A lot of the time, people ask me if I live in a bubble. And I sort of do, eschewing the news and indulging in my own (vast) jungle of escapist tendencies. (There is a reason for that which I will cover in another post.) When I recently wrote my post about herpes it never occurred to me to see if anyone else was blogging about it. (It also never occurs to me to check the news from time to time and so I only know what's going on because of HBO. Thanks John Oliver.) After hitting publish, I decided to root around on Wordpress to see if there were any hits after typing in the word 'herpes'. Lo and behold, Ella Dawson. Thank you Ella. If you happen to come upon my post on herpes, please make sure to hop over to Ella's blog because she discusses her experiences in a raw, beautiful and unfiltered way. Plus she is an excellent writer at the ripe old age of 23.

We are forever changing, however we can influence some evolutions and transformations when we are aware of how we treat our mind and body.


Herpes: The Shame and the Stigma

This is a post about herpes….a fairly long post about herpes.

If you have herpes and especially if you are newly-diagnosed, I strongly encourage you to keep reading, since this post has been created primarily for you. 3,959 more words


Vestigal Appendages

What the heck is that???

Guess what, we all have them and we don’t need them at all. Now, why one would have a body part that is not needed is an interesting question. 468 more words

I Have Cellulite

I travel a lot for work these days, and tonight I’m staying in a hotel with lighting around the vanity, highlighting every imperfection like only a Nordstrom dressing room would do. 211 more words

Our Bodies