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A time to Remember

There is a debate in the Wiccan Pagan witchy community about whether people should honor the dead only on Samhain or all through the year. I say if you are serious enough in your intent, and truly want to honor your ancestors, you should be doing just that all year.  478 more words

Paranormal And Pagan Fiction

Hopes, Cares and Dreams...

I still dream, I still care and I still have hope – these are the words that have been missing, lost and totally non existent in my vocabulary due to the demonic nature of this damned depression, setting up home in my weary mind and rapidly taking over every single cell of my body. 372 more words


The strange and mysterious Ouija Board

When I was a kid I used to play with my cousin a game similar with Ouija Board. It’s certainly a paranormal game and it answers in a specific manner, for example, Yes or No questions or it spells names! 133 more words

Horror Movie


Last night I was having a conversation with my children and the topic was on spirit and I was asked by Osun Karode the youngest one, if spirits have forms, how do they look when they leave the body.I told her that when a person does and he is relieved from his physical flesh he sees himself as he looked in his earthly life. 776 more words

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Ouija boards are known to open portals which can allow shadow figures and demonic entities through, as well as innumerable ghosts. While the Ouija board has long been the spooky pass-time of sleepovers, it can open a door that you may not be able to close. 31 more words


Ouija: a game or truly a way to speak with spirits?

The Ouija Board has been a controversial object ever since its commercialization in the 19th century attracting skepticism, criticism, and popularity. Just mentioning it can conjure a spirited conversation. 1,162 more words