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It looks like the Sphinx...

Whilst facetiming with my old man I noticed a face merging amongst his washing in the background that reminded me of the Sphinx – I know it’s nothing, but freaky nonetheless… I’ve always believed in spirits and hidden sources of energy living a ‘life’ in their own realm, but I’ve never experienced anything personally. 124 more words




I recently watched a scary movie titled Ouija. The movie summary goes like this; there is a girl who cleans out her attic and in turn finds an… 363 more words


Seances (Late 19th century)

Spiritualism was all the rage during the late 19th century with many Victorians participating regularly in seances. It wasn’t just celebs — Mary Todd Lincoln often held seances at the White House during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency — but normal peasants who attended seances. 130 more words


Breath in ... Breath out ...

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

Pay close attention America. This is where your leadership has decided that your healthcare system has got to go.  1,103 more words

Why Many Fear Tarot Cards

Tarot cards is a key per say to open up a persons inner thoughts. The cards do not lie. They only see the true feelings and ideas of people. 358 more words


Addendum to the Ouija post

Hello everyone,

First, I thought I would add a little more on the Ouija post that I had posted a while back. I didn’t mean to scare anyone from the Ouija board.  163 more words

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