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Woman tells of her late night encounters with demons

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Stalked by a Demon, Tess Rutjen’s frightening true account of demonic late night intruders..

About the Book:
Author Tess Rutjens describes in intimate detail the frightening encounters she has experienced in her own life, including the harassment of a demon. 165 more words

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Muhammad Drawings

“Muhammad drawing” is another tool used in the “Muslim” occult to make contact with “Islamic” terrorist.

The practitioners of this dark “occult” feel they are making… 866 more words


The fateful night of Ouija Board

Someone in my friends just sent me a link of horrifying stories of supernatural experiences! And I was transported to another night that now seems ages ago! 624 more words



The Talking Board Historical Society is celebrating the Ouija board’s 125th birthday in Baltimore with the first ever Ouija conference.

The Ouija Board was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1890 and manufactured there for many years by William Fuld and the Kennard Novelty Company. 107 more words

The original Ouija Board was just supposed to be good clean fun

Parker Brothers bought the commercial rights to the Ouija Board in 1966. Based on this 1968 ad they were marketing it as a device for some good wholesome fun for the kiddos. 10 more words

Weird News, Crazy Videos, And Conspiracy

My Experience Playing The Ouija Board

Last week I saw a photo on instagram of my friend with a ouija board and it got my attention really quickly.

In the past, when my friends explained to me what the ouija board was I got really interested in it and I wanted to play it to see if it really works. 379 more words

SENRYU -- 02122015-5

using alphabet soup —

my ouija board spells my name

but spells it wrong


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