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Fantasy Saves

SPOILERS: OUAT Season 4 Finale

I have been drawn to fantasy as long as I can remember. While other kids were checking out The Boxcar Children from the elementary school library, I was reading The Bailey School Kids. 501 more words

Emma Swan

DIDNEY WORL: Day Three - Hollywood Studios

Okay so Hollywood Studios is one of my very favorites. I wore: whitewash shorts with flowers on them, a black sparkly T (because I’m a ~*~STAR~*~ lol), and a ponytail with a red ribbon. 692 more words


My weird dreams: Rory carrying Rory and my BF Killian

Hey guys! I’ve been pretty busy this week, starting a my first real job at a summer camp. Out of the 16 hours I’ve worked so far this week, at least a solid two of them were spent yelling at kids. 1,377 more words

Once Upon A Time

12 Great Bro Moments From Once Upon A Time

One of the many reasons I enjoy Once Upon A Time is the fact that there’s no shortage of man-candy on that show. Oh my yes, the men are awfully nice to look at, and of course they battle epic villians (okay, one out of three for the second half of season four) and do lots of badass stuff in a delightfully sweaty or snarky way. 464 more words

Once Upon a Time - Season 5

ცნობილი გახდა მეხუთე სეზონის პირველი სერიის სახელი. პირველ სერიას ერქმევა ”The Dark Swan” რომლის სცენარიც ეკუთვნის ადამ ჰოროვიცს და ედუარდ კიტსისს. შეგახსენებთ რომ მეხუთე სეზონი ბრუნდება 27 სექტემბერს ანუ დარჩენილია 3 თვეზე ნაკლები.

Snow White, Old and New

I love fantasy stories. I love the characters in fantasy stories. I know this genre is overwhelmingly white and heteronormative, but I find a lot of value in the way fantasy explores interpersonal relationships and themes. 601 more words

Emma Swan