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Once Upon a Time “Best Laid Plans” Previews and Predictions

 Coming Tonight: Once Upon a Time 4×16

CAUTION: spoilers (no, really, the sneak peeks are wild)

“Best Laid Plans”Hook tells Emma that her fate is at stake in Gold’s plan while Regina leads the villains on a wild goose chase. 409 more words


FanFiction Friday! Here's An Excerpt From "Adrift"

It’s FanFiction Friday, me hearties! Time for a chunk of steamy fanfic, served with a side of saucy pirate! In “Adrift”, Emma and Killian are thrown into an alternate reality by a wicked curse, sending Killian back to his villainous days as Captain Hook, only with an even darker heart because he thought he’d been the cause of Emma’s death. 911 more words

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The Diary Entries

My Once Upon A Time obsession

For Christmas last year, I got the first season of Once Upon A Time. Last week I started watching it and I’m madly in love. 234 more words

Finally I am just able to watch the new episode of OUAT

Cause my sister said in her exact words “It’s distracting and a very bad show. NO” so yeah I have been reduced to watch it at 2 AM. 232 more words

Once Upon A Time

How To: Become Snow White {using Naked Basics!}

Last summer when I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth viciously ripped out of my head, I discovered the most wonderful show: Once Upon A Time. 361 more words


Guess we have no choice but to feel sorry for Ursula...recap of Episode 15 of Once Upon a Time

Every villain has a history or a turning point that made them the way they are. I have a feeling we’ll hear everyone’s story by the end of this season. 331 more words

Once Upon A Time