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Lacerations – Hx
  • What is the cause? How clean are the surroundings? Was a bite involved? Human/canine / feline?
  • How long ago did it occur?
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99 Priority Topics



1. Introduction to Install Fest.
2. Free Software Philosophy.
3. Linux Basics.
4. Installation of LINUX.

why and what’s the reasons for this IFET GNU/LINUX user group . 119 more words


It's a Snow Day!!! Worship from Home

I know most of us won’t be going anywhere today, so take some time to meditate and worship on your own or as a family. What I’ve got here is a guide for your worship time today. 1,336 more words


Knowing The Real Estate Cycles

Can You Profit?Knowing the real estate cycles can you help make profits. If you start with buying low, buying in the low part of the market, basically you are in a position where construction has been declining in your area. 16 more words