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"Sherlock, Sally and Otherness," by pennypaperbrain

Curator’s Note: We do our best to keep our own predilection for Sherlock meta to a minimum here on the Reader, but this wonderful look at the character of Sally Donovan has been sitting in the queue far too long, and we’re very pleased to be showcasing it today. 1,454 more words

Why 'Being the Change' is not enough

(I wrote this for FLY blog: http://flygirlsofcambridge.com/ but here it is for me.)

‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’ 1,863 more words


There are two kinds of people; those who’ll accept you for who/what you are -irrespective of whether they agree or not, and those who just won’t! 174 more words

Coffee ads and Labor

“…the pleasures of consumerism would be routinely diminished by an awareness of the productive origins of consumer goods” (Billing, 1999, pg 131)


But, what happens when it is the brand itself the one that is putting the productive origins of the consumer goods, in this particular case coffee, right there in their advertisements, for everyone to see?

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Mr. Spock, Mixed-Race Pioneer

March 01, 2015 | Steve Haruch | NPR Codeswitch

At a time when the mere sight of Petula Clark touching Harry Belafonte’s arm held the potential to upset delicate sensibilities, the half-human, half-Vulcan character Mr. 1,064 more words


just mexico

For a long time, I was a snob toward Mexico.

Mexico was the place other people went on Spring Break to get drunk at Señor Frogs, to stay at an all inclusive in Cabo to eat safe food and take cheap drugs, to crisp their skin lying by a pool reading People slathered in Hawaiian Tropic, to get hit on by slimy frat boys. 1,061 more words