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Memoirs of a ‘Plastic Paddy’

If you listen carefully in any Irish pub around the world you will hear the faint cries of some foreign tongue exclaiming “I’m quarter Irish!” Or my personal favourite, “I’m half Irish”; in which I get great delight in purposely looking downward at their midriff and replying, “Really, which half?” 1,291 more words

First Person

Women? What Women?

Google ‘Women In Music’ and see how many genuinely interesting articles you get.  Go on, I dare you.

The likelihood is that it won’t be more than 10.   875 more words

Music Industry

Embracing “Otherness”: A Personal Story

Living with diversity often requires us to feel uncomfortable.

I have never been one to seek the limelight.  I was not often the center of attention among my peers growing up, and the few times I was, I felt very uncomfortable.  378 more words



A powerful speech by Thandie Newton, actress and anthropologists , on Otherness and the Self. A Self build on otherness , an identity build on other people’s projections. 129 more words


The Transfiguration

This week we move towards the dark days of Lent. Our Christmas celebrations are now a distant memory. We might have even finished that bottle of advocaat that we bought in the excited (but frankly bizarre) hope that we’d mix ‘snowballs’. 1,434 more words

Recognizing and Appreciating the Other in Teaching

Ludwig Wittgenstein did a lot of philosophy in few words. He wanted to speak well, to speak meaningfully, and to communicate effectively. As a teacher, he wanted his students not to just mimic his thoughts, but to come to them independently — to think for themselves. 220 more words


A Don-Cherry inspired, brief explanation of "otherness"

Since Don Cherry made a bad joke, people were offended by said joke, and I wrote about racist and discriminatory language, I have seen a lot of comments about “people” who want to limit free speech, overreact, throw a pity party, overlook actual tragic, atrocious events happening in other parts of the world.   815 more words