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Zombie Grandma

I am currently working on a 2D zombie game and one of the enemies is a grandma that throws cats from her bag. I also have a zombified version of her and it’s creepy.

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Space Shooter Prototype

In order to beef up my programming skills I have created a prototype. It’s a mix between the gravity of Super Mario Galaxy and the shooting of Metal Slug. 10 more words

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Naked Mole Rat

I wanted to try out some modeling so I decided to redo a naked mole rat that I made two years ago. After struggling with getting the topology of the shoulder right I finally got it looking good.

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A character everyone loves to hate - Margot (Take This Waltz)

“Her narrative trajectory is best summarized by a sequence that bookends the film, one that, while a flash forward to the point in time at the end of the film, is also representative of the entrance point as well. 115 more words


Hackathons 2014

I’m no coding ninja but I am interested in tech and how it can be used in the newsroom. As such my colleague Lisa Pollack asked me to help out the FT team at the BBC Newshack in Glasgow last year. 117 more words

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Mouth That Roars

Mouth That Roars

Amy has worked extensively for MTR, making films as a facilitator director.  This work has taken her across the country, to Greece, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the West Bank in Palestine.  17 more words

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Work in prisons

Amy has worked extensively for among others Synergy Theatre Project. http://www.synergytheatreproject.co.uk

She has led course on playwriting at Feltham, Brixton, Pentonville, Holloway HMPs.

On behalf of the West Yorkshire Playhouse Amy was Resident at Newhall HMP for 6 months where she devised and directed two pieces of theatre with inmates.

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