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A few visual  pieces from last autumn/winter.

Tip of the Knife – 20

Thanks to Bill and Julie for their interest and support.


The challenge of parenting adult children

Our daughter has safely arrived in Nepal and by all reports, is already having a great time :)

Watching her walk under that ‘departure’ sign by herself was a very hard parenting moment. 453 more words

Other Things


She lay in naked in the dark heat. He knocked and as she moved to breath out her occupancy the door opened. She was not ashamed. 205 more words

Small Words

Being in control doesn't always work in real life

Isn’t it strange how parenthood works? If you are a parent yourself, maybe you will recognize this: you tend to compare your child to the child you were yourself, all those years ago. 433 more words

About Games

Motion Capture with Yorik and Cross Channel Film Lab

As part of the Cross Channel Film Lab a demonstration of the Motion Capture facility in our void studio  The system employs 12 cameras with primary capture using Cortex by Motion Analysis. 39 more words

Ini Dia 5 Penguasa Jalan Raya

Sob, pernah gak lu ngerasain? Lagi enak-enak di jalan, bawa motor, atau mobil, atau sepeda, eeeh dateng para penguasa jalan yang mengganggu kenyamanan. Gak di kampung gak di kota, biasanya golongan-golongan ini emang bikin deg-degan aja di jalan. 545 more words

Other Things

Donkey - Work In Progress

Ah technology. Great until it stops working properly! Sadly all I’m able to show you today is this close up of the donkey’s head, which I’ve had to start again. 24 more words

Work In Progress