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What is photosynthesis?

What is photosynthesis?.

Plants eat CO2. make food for animals from it, and release oxygen for animals to breathe in so they can breathe out CO2. 21 more words

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The Early Years - My Photographic History

All images © Spiral Light Photography

I received my very first camera as a gift for my 6th birthday. We were on our summer holiday at the time, which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my new “toy”. 577 more words


Fewer grants, more dance. Good point, accidentally made

Fewer grants, more dance. Good point, accidentally made.

Cut the handouts to them, then they can dance in the streets instead of fulfilling the conditions of the grant money … and if they are good enough and entertaining enough people will through money into their hat. It is called busking.

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Boomers off the wagon, addiction and STD's on the rise

The Arizona Department of Health Services released new statistics this month showing that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise among what some people might see as an unlikely segment of the population—senior citizens. 41 more words

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