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Power Rangers Dino Charge 2: Dino Rangers, Assemble!

As Tyler and Shelby make their way to the Amber Beach Museum to find more answers about their recent shenanigans, Fury searches for a green Energem, that is still yet to be bonded to a person……. 944 more words


What's blue and sticky? The Curve (iStick) 30w and Sub Air atomiser review!

A little while ago I was approached at the pre-arranged time by a mysterious, handsome and enigmatic stranger in Central Station. His Trilby was cocked as he approached subtley and whispered, “Pink flamingo on the horizon”, the code. 2,540 more words


2015 Honda Fit

Bias = I traded in my 2014 Mazda3 for a 2015 Honda Fit LX due to blind spots in the Mazda3; you can read more in… 486 more words

Happy Sloth

Power Rangers Dino Charge 1: Major, MAJOR Improvements!

In the outer space, there are mysterious but powerful artifact called the Energems. A bounty hunter named Sledge wants the Energems to be rich and powerful, but will he get those artifacts? 1,429 more words


First impressions of The Order 1886 - like starring in an action filled steampunk Nolan-movie.

Descendants of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round table armed with triplebarreled shotguns and humongous tazer rifles versus antagonizing “werewolves” in alternate Victorian-era London.

With such premises we have a future block buster movie already. 515 more words

Game Talk

2014 Mazda3

For the most part, this blog will be for reviewing things one might enjoy on a lazy day: movies, video games, junk food, etc.  However, occasionally I will review something else, and today is one of those days.   820 more words


Sharps, Fitzrovia

Fashion is not my strong point. I’d go as far to say it isn’t even one of my points. When it comes to haircuts, I go for functional cuts that get hair out of my face. 825 more words