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Loose Screws Bicycle Parts. The past has a future again

Back when Schwinn was a Chicago-based company, Schwinn dealers had drawers and drawers of small parts. Limit screws for derailleurs. Springs for sidepull brakes. Nuts, washers, axles and cones for hubs. 2,184 more words

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Grow your own bicycle frame

Submitted for your consideration: two bicycles in Vietnam. The bike on the top, the one with the cashew-meets-elf-hat saddle, has a steel frame decorated with bamboo. 138 more words

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Take-five bicycles. The wish list

Quick. Imagine a bicycle.

Is your bicycle the same as the one I dreamed up?

Maybe. Maybe not.

If your idea of a bicycle includes a carbon-fiber frame, electronic derailleurs and the latest in ridiculous bottom-bracket standards, rest assured that wasn’t the one I had in mind. 675 more words

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Picture Mitch: Four photography tips for people who ride bicycles

Can’t wait for tips? They’re at the end of the story. But hang in there with me…

The first thing I did when I caught up to Mitch Hull back in 2012 was to take… 390 more words

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Chroming the Boxer: Jack Trumbull makes it shine

Mitch Hull sent his Boxer Camponneur to Franklin Frames of Newark, Ohio. The owner and sole employee is Jack Trumbull, who has been building, repairing and refinishing bicycle frames since 1976. 716 more words

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Chroming the Boxer: Mitch Hull makes a few changes

Mitch Hull calls himself a one-bike guy who rides “only for fun.” Like a lot of one-bike guys, that means he has three bikes: a 1983 Santana tandem, a 2006 Soma Smoothie and his real bike, a custom-built Boxer Camponneur. 1,184 more words

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Chroming the Boxer: An appreciation of Mitch Hull's Boxer Camponneur

I like this bicycle. It doesn’t fit me, I’ve never ridden it and I don’t own it.

Let me explain.

I like the idea of this bike. 496 more words

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