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Squirrel On A Tree Branch

Here is another photo I took two weeks ago or so. I think the photo is good enough to upload it but overall I am not satisfied with the quality. 66 more words


Common Blackbird Photo

It’s some weeks ago when I took the photo you see in this post, I actually thought that I need to delete the image. The photo was bad as I couldn’t zoom in enough to show the bird but today I noticed that the photo was sharp enough even after cropping with Photoshop. 43 more words


Bunny With Blue Eyes

My half-brother is here on a visit and I mentioned it anywhere else, he has all kind of small animals like mice, bunnies and so. This time he didn’t come for a visit without his bunnies. 98 more words


We caught a Spring Azure

Do you human readers realize how hard it is to get a photo of one of these tiny butterflies?! They never sit still!

And in case you didn’t recognize it this is the little blue butterfly–see the bit of the top side of the wing?–that flits around. 17 more words

Backyard Habitat

Squirrels, Masters of Balance

With this post I want to show you some other photos of the same squirrel I uploaded some days ago. I prefer to upload the most funny photos of a set later, so, with this post you see the last photos of that squirrel. 324 more words


Squirrel Undercover

Taking a photo of a squirrel, that was something I always wanted to do. They are like undercover agents, they operate in the hidden and do only come out to show you that they also could get a job in a circus. 95 more words


New Resident In The Garden

Apart from the chickens, the husband of my mother also got a rooster from a farm now. Today I was in the garden and saw all the poultry, they are funny. 155 more words