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Extreme Dove Close-Up

Didn’t see enough bird photos? Here is another one! The doves in the city are usually not really afraid of humans as they are used to them. 105 more words


Neighbor's Garden Chicken

As mentioned, we will get chickens very soon and the husband of my mother will hold them in the garden. We don’t have the chickens yet, but there are other garden lot owners with chickens. 20 more words


The Henhouse

This post here will be less about photography. I show you some snapshots of a henhouse. I tell you something that will be fun! We get chickens very soon! 209 more words


Duck Waiting Near The Water

Here is another shot of a duck. I have not much photos of ducks on my blog but I think this number will increase as I do really enjoy to take… 49 more words


Bird On The Roof

I started to enjoy taking photos of birds, I guess a tele objective would be a hell of fun. Sometimes I am lucky and the birds are very close, but the 18-105mm lens is not enough if they aren’t. 54 more words


V is for Viceroy Butterfly

Did you think this might be a Monarch Butterfly? The Viceroy tricks us squirrels, too. These two butterflies co-mimic each other, with the orange and black banding and both taste bad! 96 more words

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